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cube [ kyoob ]
noun (plural cubes)


   1. solid figure of six equal sides: a three-dimensional geometric figure formed of six             equal square plane faces, each set at right angles to the four sides adjacent to it

  2. cube-shaped object: a solid shaped like a cube

  3. product of three equal numbers: the product of three equal numbers or quantities          multiplied together, usually written in mathematical notation as a raised 3, e.g. 43            means 4 × 4 × 4

  4. Canberra’s Premier Gay Venue:

More than a nightclub, Cube is a home away from home with a sense of family so unique it cannot be compared. Canberra’s premier gay venue along with ARIA accredited resident DJs provide a mix of music beyond the charts.

With a décor featuring beds, lockers, mosaics and loads of pouffes to sit on, there’s an ‘anything goes’ attitude and a certain open-mindedness that smacks you in the face often before you’ve even walked in the door. Amazing theme parties such as Homo High, White Party and HalloQueen, along with dancing poles on the centre stage and some of the most amazing Drag talent this country has to offer, Cube makes for a cocktail of interest and fun – shaken not stirred – ensuring a night to remember every time. Above all Cube boasts a Zero Violence Policy within the club ensuring the safest clubbing experience possible for everyone.


Like the carousel located out the front of the club, don't be scared, jump on and enjoy the ride. Take a break from the everyday; learn to play the gay way and party Cube style for a night you won't forget. From Thursday to Sunday you can paint the town rainbow before the weekend starts and well after it’s over.


We don’t care where you’ve been before…

If you’re gay, straight, lesbian, bi, bi-curious, transgender, transvestite, a fag hag, just strange, very accepting, un-prejudice or just love the music and people, Cube is the place to go and the place to be.

Be there, or be square..........

Hi Res Logo Cube Back BG.jpg
Hi Res Logo Cube Back BG.jpg
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