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Historically, Cube has been renowned within the Gay community for its mellow, liberating environment and loving atmosphere. This continues to be the most important attribute of the venue since the beginning. Cube prides itself on its philosophy and principles regarding the eradication of violent and harassing behaviour. These principles have been instilled in the Cube culture and will continue to be upheld by all who visit the establishment. This includes the harassment or

intimidation of fellow patrons or Cube staff, be it verbal or physical.

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Homophobic Policy

All who enjoy Cube, do so with unconditional intent be it gender, persuasion or sexual preference. The club is a designated gay venue and is, therefore utilised extensively and primarily by the gay community, their partners, friends and family. Heterosexual patrons are just as welcome to join in the fun, but are considered visitors within the club and while free to enjoy the facilities, this is under the proviso that they integrate passively with regular patrons. It is imperative that our heterosexual patrons have a clear understanding and complete acceptance of the gay demographic and that they abide by the in-house policies when visiting the club. This includes any form of verbal ridicule, underhanded remarks, pointing or insulting dialogue. We want everyone to be comfortable and most importantly, have fun, or join the fun and take you shirt off with the rest of us, everyone is welcome!!!

Cube has recently undergone it's second refurbishment transforming the dance floor into one of the most stylish in Canberra. We all value the investment that has been outlaid in order to provide the gay community with a club where all can feel 100% safe and secure. Lets all ensure the space is preserved and respected by all who visit.

“Be proud.”

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